Tuesday, March 2, 2010

19 Days of Spring Countdown...

I figured since spring is "technically by the calendar" 19 days away I would do 19 days of spring. These are things that I think of when I think SPRING. Im so excited about it, I think everyone is though. I had planned on starting on some spring cleaning today, but Mom called this morning and needs me at the barn this afternoon to do some work, SSSOOOOOOO, I will get started tomorrow instead. One of the first things I think about is SPRING CLEANING. I really would like to get a new apron this spring. I seen in Country Living magazine, a new apron that was coming out this March at K-Mart and Ive been checking online, but nothing yet, I cant wait till it does though...just like I cant wait for SPRING. However, I really do like the one above. I found it at CountryLiving and there you can get the info on where to find it.
Its time to pull on the cutest, girly gloves you can find and fight some grime. I have actually started doing some cleaning. We recently moved furniture around and I did the sweeping and cleaning on the baseboards and corners, YAY!
Mending, washing, opening the windows to let the fresh air in, changing the menu......all part of spring time!

Today Im going to look for these Raspberry Lemonade tarts. I seen in a salon window in town recently that they were carrying Candelberry products, YAY! Then tomorrow when I wake up, Ill turn the tart burner on and get started with the SPRING CLEANING.

The gloves above can be found HERE
The candle HERE
The apron HERE

Well, Im off to do more laundry!

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  1. Mmm... I think I can smell that candle just by looking at it!


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