Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lets talk about kitchens, for our new home.....

ive gotten so excited about spring this past week that I havent continued my "room by room" inspirations for our new log home (hopefully, nut not positive, this year). Today, its all about kitchens. Right now its a toss up between this first kitchen and the very last kitchen, with a little bit of all of them thrown in. Since it will be a log home there will be a certain warmth to the entire house, even though I love the warmth I need some cool tones. Heres what Im thinking, dark, but natural base (walls, island, etc.) with a little bit of
Ifarmhouse charm to livin it up a bit.I want lots of
white pitchers, plates and accents. Ok I know I said it was a toss up between pic 1 and the last one, however, I think this next one is a good in bewteen the two, SO, maybe I picked the wrong one. Now, imagine this next room with all the warmth, charm and white accents in it....THATS what Im going for!
yep, this one is my fave, I just decided! I absolutely do not want natural wood cabinets, I want them white or similar to the the cabinets in this pic. The biggest reason, I think I didnt pick this picture is because of the island, Im not feeling it, definately need something a bit more brighter!
I know what your thinking, well, ok...I dont know, but if you are, I understand, LOL! I love the naturistic feel of this kitchen, the fact that there arent any cabinets on the walls, I dont know, it just seems very clean and simple, which I like! Oh and the little gingham curtains are so cute!
Throw in some vintage flair and Ive got me a purty nice kitchen, LOL! Of coarse Ive got to have me some color and a few vintage signs. I nearly fell over recently when dh said HE wanted to go to the flea market this year. Let me tell you, he IS NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES a flea market going man, hes just that way and I love him bunches!!! We want to find some "old things", like vintage signs, etc.
The biggest things about this room is that I did think about dh when I seen it. Basically because that island is calling his name. He wants to have a counter similar to this.

Now, finally, look at these cabin inspired kitchens, imagine there is a rasberry lemonade candle burning, there are white pitchers with fresh peonys in them, a vintage coke sign hanging and a few vintage dish towels about. Can you see it? Let me know, because I sure can!

Oh and happy 15 days till spring!!!


  1. All great, makes me want to redo the house again! lol

  2. Way to much kitchen eye candy, makes me dizzy!! I can't wait to see what you choose.

    BTW, I'm so very ready for spring I could just scream!!!!

  3. Lots of gorgeous kitchens.. lots of inspiration.

  4. Looks great to me...I like the idea of light! It is so much easier to live in the light of a kitchen..we are moving into a light house with a dark kitchen...guess what my summer project will be? ~Kelly


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