Friday, February 5, 2010

Quilts..Thrugh The Country Door

As we are sitting through the rain and waiting on the 3-6" of snow, Ive been browsing through a catalog Through The Country Door that I got in the mail today. Im still thinking about bedrooms. They have really pretty quilts and they actually look like quilts. Theres nothing worse than ordering a "quilt" and it shows up looking like a bedspread with a few stitches thrown in so it can be labeled a quilt.

I love the mirror...the colors are really pretty and "happy". Ive been eye balling the sheets for some time time. They remind me of waking up on a Saturday morning at Grandmas house.

Im in love with this quilt in particular. The room itself doesnt look farmhouse-ish at all, but I think the quilt would fit right in - in an olde country farmhouse with lots of green and white pillows. Anywho....just wanted to share. All of the items are from Through the Country Door.

As mentioned, we are waiting on "the storm". Lots of rain right now, but thats suppose to change tonight. I went to the store yesterday after work and stocked up so we can nestle inside. I got my new Country Living mag today too, so Ill be cuddled up tomorrow with a cozy blanket (by the window, watching the snow fall) some hot chocolate with marshmallows....just relaxing with hubby....enjoying the snow from inside. Even though Im ready for spring...I can savor the nesting/snowed in feeling for a bit doesnt last forever....just like spring. Joyce Meyer says we should enjoy where we are at, while we are on our way to where we are going!

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  1. I LOVE that mirror! And Thanks for having me on your sidebar :) You can bet I will return the favor.. your blog is precious!!



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