Monday, February 1, 2010


My biggest goal for 2010 is to live a healthier life. I want to live a little greener, nothing crazy, but healthier. I found these "eco- friendly" items at Farmhouse Wares . The image above is a bar of soap, I have developed rosacea and I get seasonal eczema on my hands and occasionally on my legs. This has made me more aware what I put not only in my body, but on it. I recently seen on tv an idea that I tried. They said for dry, sensitive skin to place a layer of honey (the real kind) on clean skin, let rest for 10-15 min. and then rinse. I tried this and I cant tell you how moisturized my face was , even 12 hrs later, not a splotch of dry skin anywhere. Try it and let me know if you do.

I cant remember all the scents, but one was lemon verbena, I think there was a lavender......can you imagine the fresh and clean scent they leave behind on your favorite tee-shirt. I cant wait to purchase these products this spring.....they seem so wholesome and yummy.
Another way Im going green......Im going to the library. Im a magazine-aholic....seriously, I have stacks of them and certain ones I always will. But this year I cut way down on the magazines coming to my mailbox. I found out I can pick up fashion mags, cooking mags, etc. at the library. I can keep them for a week and then take them back. Im in love with Mary Janes Farm magazine. Its made from recycled material and it feels so good, I mean the paper itself, it almost feels like a luxurious, self indulgent thing with this magazine. Cant explain it, you just have to pick one up for yourself!
This is an all-purpose cleaning spray from Farmhouse Wares as well. I really want to try and make these small changes this year and here is where Im starting....wanna start with me?


  1. I'm going to check out the Farmhouse wares.. I've never tried any of the products.

  2. Library..such a good idea...but I'm kind of greedy with my books!


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