Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bedrooms, whites, yellows, blues and greens

Im planning on doing a little updating in the bedroom this spring. I love these bedrooms. I just want to jump in the picture and get cozy. Im really loving the greens and yellows in this bedroom.
And the yellow and white in this one, I really like the tiny floral prints!

Are you getting the theme here??? FARMHOUSE AND WHITE!!!

This seems do-able.

I like the richness of the wood with the plain white and nothing else.

Im really in love with this blue and white them. Looks really cool and crisp for the warmer months and looks like it smells like linen and lilac.....a girl can dream!


  1. I like #5 the best...but I like rich woods and simplicity!

  2. I love the yellow and white floral in the first pic. So sweet!

  3. Thanks girlies! Im just about sure that Ill go for a green/yellow /white scheme this spring....I can add the extra frills to it and it still shouldnt be to girlie for hubby, LOL

  4. I love the last one! I am new to your blog and really like it so far!


  5. Brittanie, thanks for stopping by, hope to here from you again soon. Ill be hopping over to your blog as well. Have a great day and thanks again!

  6. Beautiful bedrooms.. I could just jump into any one of those rooms!


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