Monday, January 25, 2010

Lookeee, what I found.....

This bunny makes me SSSOOOO HAPPY......I ran across these cute papier mache bunnies on the Country Living
website by accident. You can read the full story here
I was browsing snow pictures on the web because it is snowing here right now and I was going to blog about my day and the crazy weather we are having. It started off mild and everything is flooded from yesterdays rain, then it turned bitterly cold with in an hour, then it started, its snowing like crazy. So, these pictures do remind me of the snow, but also reminds that spring will follow in a few months.

We will slowly start to turn to the bright, yet muted pastel tones soon, flowers will be popping up, trees and grass turning green and we will be renewed by spring. I just LOVE these bunnies and the colors...they make me happy! What colors or things are making you happy right now in this dismal weather?


  1. I love all your little bunnies. It makes me want to get mine out and decorate!


  2. Cute bunnies! I can't wait for Spring.

  3. I went to Odd Lots a few weeks ago and they had all their Spring/Easter stuff out....they had the cutest bunnies, similar to these, but I resisted the urge, at least till after V-Day anyway, LOL! Thanks ladies!


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