Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mini Christmas Tour, Come inside......

I had full intentions of going all primitive this Christmas, I was going to make decorations, etc. Then I went to Wal-Mart and found these really pretty brown, bronze and cream colored bulbs and I had to have them, they were so pretty, oh, I said that already. The white glittered houses my mom got me several years back at a primitive store. The tree came from Village Primitives a few years back, it came flocked and has big pine cones tucked in it. I used real pine for everything else. I have a limited decorating space right now:(, but at least I have some space!
My obsession with pip berrys doesnt end, I have them tucked in the pine on the entertainment center, with ribbon that came from the dollar store for a buck!
Bad lighting, but you get the idea. The window came from an old building here from when we first moved in. I busted the last of the windows out of it and gave it a slight touch of white paint , but left it looking old, of which , it is.

On to the bathroom, the tiniest room of all. No, those arent pip berrys, but tiny flowers. They reminded me of pine limbs with snow on them, so I mixed it with more real pine. It smelt really good at first , but not its starting to dry.

The cabinet I added more pine and some red berrys that I already had. The metal bucket came from a yard sale for .75 cents.
I made the snowman several yrs ago with material and a toilet paper roll. Most of the others are old ornaments that I had too.
Well, thats about it for now, I may have more Christmas goodies this afternoon. .......MERRY CHRISTMAS..........


  1. Erica, I love your decorations! Everything is so pretty. I saw those bronze ornaments at Walmart, too. I wanted them, but didn't get them. I got some neat gold ones instead. But ya know...I need to make another trip to Walmart and just might have to get some of those. They are really elegant looking. And woot for Walmart prices on them!


  2. Thanks Nancy! I think all of the bulbs I got were about 20.00. I also LOVED the brown, red and green ones that were similar to these.


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