Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Peaceful, Quiet Morning

Thats it, if the rest of the day falls apart, I will still have had this wonderful morning. When the dog woke me up to go out this morning, I thought there was snow on the ground because it looked brighter out side, through the blinds and curtains and I was right.

Ive been visiting my favorite blogs, looking at the snow and my peppermint candle burning, listening to the silence of a calm morning. I may make some more cookies today, we may have to run to moms to pick up some straw, but thats ok, the snow is pretty, so that will make it ok.

Hubby is still fast asleep, sleeping...not something he gets to do often, so Ive tried to be quiet, havent made breakfast...we may miss breakfast this morning, oh well. I should have turned the Christmas lights on, but forgot...its just as pretty with them off.

I cant believe its almost Christmas and that we may actually get a white one, that would be so exciting. Its stopped snowing here, but Amy at Keepinthesunnyside says its snowing at her house, so Im keeping my fingers crossed that it will start up here again....OH, and I think it might be.

On another note, I may be starting a new blog. This blog is more decor based, I am wanting a blog where I can post about different things, too. I just hate for this one to be jumbled up, with everything on it, but not sure just yet. The other blog would be my mane blog, about my life. What do you think?

Well, enough rambling for now, I need to get started on something, right or wrong!


  1. .. and its STILL snowing here!.. LOL.. so it probably IS heading your way. We are under a weather advisory until 6am Sunday morning.

    As far as a new blog goes.. I say go for it.. you know I'll follow. ; o)

    Have a wonderful "snowy" day! OH.. and we did have enough for a snowman! Pictures to come.

  2. Glad you were able to enjoy a quiet morning! I love quiet mornings just enjoying the time to myself.

    A new blog would be cool; I'll follow!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Amy, its snowed here almost all day, kind of a mix now. I cant wait to see the pics.

    Nancy, quiet weekend mornings are my "me time"!

    Thanks ladies for always following my blog and chatting with me. I should have my new blog uo and running by the first of the year. Thanks, you guys are the best!


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