Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ive been tagged....You may have been too,

A dear blogger friend, Nancy tagged me to do a blog. I have to list 6 things about me. I am tagging 6 other people at the bottom of this blog as well.

1) Fall is my favorite time of year, then Christmas almost ties for 1st place.
2) I love Charlie Brown specials.
3) I love Coach bags, but cant afford them, LOL.
4) I scrapbook some in the cooler months.
5) I have a LG VU phone.
6) Baking is a hobby in the fall for me.

Im tagging the following:



  1. Fall is a great time of year! I just love all the fun festivals, changing of the leaves, soft jeans and a sweater. Girl dont' even get me started on Coach purses. Lets just say I own a "few" and leave it at that. ; )

    I see my name up there, but I'm not sure it's me or another Amy.

  2. Amy, yes its you. I accidently spelled you blog. I had an I in it. Sorry, yes, youve definately been tagged!

    Coach bags make me happy too:)

  3. Well here goes a first try at a tag! Thanks. I love the music you have on your blog. Usually, I'm turned off by music on the blogs,even if I like the blog (am often scrambling for the pause button or X-ing out), but yours has a very soothing quality to it. In other words, it's always a pleasure to see what you write and hear such calming sounds.

  4. Hey Erica...since my daughter made my button, I don't know how to do that part. But here are two websites that might be helpful. It took me a long time to figure certain things out, but since you're not as old as dirt like I am, it should come easier! Good luck! Nancy


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