Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Have camper, will Travel...In Style,

So we are preparing to go on our little vaca that we go on every year, but this year will be different...we are taking the camper and staying in it instead of a motel room. I cant tell you the amount of money we will save by doing this, plus we are super excited about taking it. We have had it for years with big plans to travel and such, but we never wasteful, well no more.

The first pic is the same lay out (for the most part), the colors are different. We have a cream linoleum floor and a sage carpet and the general color is cream and sage. The second pic is the same style, though not the same company and not the same color, but you get the has a slide out for more room.

The third pic, youve seen on my blog before. It was the inspiration for my bedroom here at the house, but now Im thinking it will be my bedroom in the camper. We re-did the bedroom , it now has all natural oak wood on the walls and its so pretty. I remembered I have a quilt that is very similar to the colors of the pic above, so Im going to get it out, make repairs and get it washed and ready for the camper. I want to find a red and white checked material for curtains and pillows for a bit of contrast. Im so excited about it. I may even stop at the thrift store for some cheap white accents if they have any.

So when its all finished I will post pics, it will be a few weeks though.

Our vaca wont be a true camping experience, we are actually going to an event that we go to every year, but we will be in the camper, so I guess it doesnt matter where we park it and how many people are there...the people that matter will be there and thats really all that matters, oh and the fact that we will save about 500.00, LOL!

Im so excited, I cant help it~


  1. I haven't stayed in a camper since I was a kid. How fun. From the looks of those pictures, it's way better than most motel rooms. HA! Enjoy your vaca!

  2. Wow, you have a fancy camper! :)

  3. Amy, thanks and yes, its much better than a motel room.

    Kendra, ours isnt quite as pretty as that one, but dh wants to do the oak wood in there too, so one day it will be, LOL.


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