Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Dinnerwear ~ Thanksgivng~

I think I will be using these pics from Country Living for the inspiration for our table at Thanksgiving. I really like the colors and the pretty flowers on the back of the chairs. I may have to try that. The biggest reason I am using these for inspiration is that I just got a new dinner set (pics at bottom) and these would go great with the theme above.
Our Thanksgiving is never big, its usually just me and hubby, my mom and occasionally my grandma and uncle. Not sure who is planning on being where this year, but I love these place cards, I can really do those, even we all know where we are sitting....they would be pretty keepsakes. Also, the plate in the above pic is similar to mine, well, mine have the bronze/copper scrolling...not the turkey.
Arent these the best invitations, again, I dont need them, but it would be so much fun to do and I may very well do it!
Too cute and looks super easy, Im gonna try!
And finally my Martha Stewart Dinner Set. We got them at K-Mart on clearance, they were originally 60.00, but we got them for 15.00. I have to admit, when we first got them , we thought they were red and white, but when I opened them up, they are a bronze/copper color . Then we looked at the box again and yep, thats what they were. I could have taken them back, but they were so pretty , I couldnt part with them.

So Im planning a white tablecloth, maybe some white chair covers, with a brown satin ribbon accent. Im wanting some browns, golds, yellows and reds for the centerpice, but not sure exactly what Im going to do. And then of coarse , those super cute invites and place cards. What do you think?


  1. I haven't even begun to think about my Thanksgiving table, but these ideas (and your new dishes!) are so lovely I think I'd best get a move on! :D

  2. Well, Ive been thinking about it, but no where near doing it, LOL.

  3. I think you got a great deal on those dishes. I think they will look neat on a white tablecloth with the name cards. My daughter and her hubby always host us for Thanksgiving and just like you, there aren't a lot of us there. But she does name cards, too and they can be so cute. I love those ideas you posted...I think I might have to think how I can use those ideas when I do Christmas dinner!


  4. Thanks Nancy, keep us posted on what you decide to do!

  5. Wow girl, you are way ahead of me! I love to make place cards. Last year they were turkey's... they were intricate , but our party was small last year, so it wasn't too time consuming. What a super deal on those plates.. lovely.

  6. Wow! Who knew Martha did such stunning dinnerware. The bronze is much more lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love your Thanksgiving plates. Gorgeous!!! Thanksgiving is usually just the two of us. We started renting a cottage every Thanksgiving and I prepare a small romantic dinner. It's a tradition that we look forward to.

    I love stamps and I like what they created. Great ideas!!!


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