Saturday, March 28, 2009

Change of Plans

Well, well, well....what a difference a few months make. We have been planning all summer to build our new home, we've been saving, we've been dreaming, lusting, wishing and planning some more...and for what, well, nothing now. Since we had a few hi-cost truck repairs and such, our house money is spent. We have been planning this for years. Each year we tell year we will get started, but then each year comes and passes without the first sign of a new home. I have yet to smell, the fresh cut lumber, fresh paint, the pounding of the hammer, dh cussing, LOL! Lets just say this year, we came to our senses and realized that next year could very possibly be the same , SO, we decided to do some renovations on this old place and live in it for several years, or as long as we need to for that matter. I have no problem fixing this place up, but we were looking forward to the new house. Since we have decided to go this route, I realized I can re-decorate sooner, get my flower garden going sooner and soon I will be happier! Yes, I was upset in the begining, but once I started using my head, its not so bad after all!

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