Monday, March 30, 2009

Making Plans (in my head)........

Well, the weather is nice here today, but am afraid it will be short lived as more rain is moving in Wed. If I get a good day in by the end of the week I plan on working on mulching the area in front of our porch. No flowers this year as the porch may be coming off. So just going to clean up and mulch. May put do some pansies in containers though, will have to see.

Also, Im buisy making plans in my head with this house. Everyday and sometimes many times a day Im coming up with ideas and sharing them with dh. I think hes getting tired of my ideas, LOL! But hes going to have to live with them for now. They are what is keeping me going right now (ideas).

Our immediate plans this spring/summer are to tear 2 rooms off and replace, adding about 5-6 extra feet of space. The laundry and bath will be the ones to come off and then they will become our living room. Then we need to do some foundation work as well and re-do the bath and laundry in another room. And kitchen will need some immediate work as well.

Im already making plans on de-cor, too. I want to brighten the inside up quite a bit. Right now Im thinking the kitchen will be a tan/beige with white trim. I will probably do this through out the house for the most part. Maybe Ill search some sites (this week) and post a few links as to what Im thinking of doing.

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