Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, I just finished bagging up some winter coats and sweaters for the season. I did leave some out for fear thats its not over. Of coarse I completely just jinxed myself by doing so, but I couldnt resist and I want to clean in there (laundry room) anyway, so it needed to go.

Im so ready for warm weather, birds chirping and flowers everyday. This is spring however and it always seems to rain a lot, which I guess is a good thing as the dried grass is starting to turn green and grow. Which means a lot of lawn mower riding for me, YAY! I think, well, its good for the tan anyway. Anad hopefully with me mowing this year and not dh, things wont get "mowed over" aggrevating. I can not list all of the flowers and such he has ran down. Oh well.

Of coarse last week I took the flannel sheets off the bed and we froze so I put them back on and then the temp went back up, so we will see if I have really jinxed myself or not!

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