Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pies N Things

Its been crazy around here...hubby and I have both been sick with allergies/sinus infections and I havent felt the best, BUT....lately Ive been thinking about PIES. I dont know why, but all of a sudden Ive been wanting to bake a pie, donmt know if Im quite up to that yet, but I can be ready for when I am with inspiration from todays blog.
When I am ready Im making Grandmas Butterscotch Pie. The pic above is from Country Living, well, all of the pics will be, as usual. But anyway, the pie Im wanting to make looks similar to this one...just a little darker and I do whipped cream, not meringue.
So, wheres a girl to go to find "PIE" inspiration??? Heres where I went...of coarse I went to SugarPie Farmhouse and read her blogs and recipes. Theres a Buttermilk pie that looks really good and a lemon pie with a beautiful Blog attatched. Heres the link

The other place  I went is to a wonderful domestic blog , you can find it here .  She does Pie Friday and is inspriring me to do the same thing, well, dont know that I can fit that in every week, but maybe come close...sounds like fun anyway. Wait till you see all the yummy pie recipes she has and makes up!!!

Im hoping this will be what mine looks like!

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