Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Picnics and Memorys

This is part 2 of "Where I Come From". I think in the last blog I mentioned picnics as a big memory of mine with my Grandparents. Heres a little more about ours. They were never fancy, sometimes they would be "official" picnics with the picnic table, etc. But most of the time they werent and those were the best memorys of all. My grandpa had a big full size van which he did construction out of. He and Grandma were all about recycling those aluminum pop cans too. So, in order to get me to cooperate and get me to go with them to collect cans they would tell me we were going on a Picnic. They lived right beside the railroad tracks and there were always tons of cans there so they packed up their supplys, our lunch and we would pack in the van and head to the tracks. I would help for a while then I would piddle out and sit in the van for a while. Then lunch time came, it wasnt about the food, but rather the"picnic idea". We were eating outside, roughing it in some sense (though we werent roughing it at all). It was usually a treat sandwich or something like that and I can remember Grandma pouring our drinks out of Grandpas thermos, not sure as to what we were drinking, but Im sure at times it was coffee.Ok, I admit that Grandpas thermos looked NOTHING like this, but if I were to buy one, it would be this, its sooooo cute!

Another memory that I have is having tea partys with Grandma. Of which she brought to my attention last week. After returning from her doctors appointment I came out of the bathroom and she said we're having a tea party. I thought she was joking, but no, she was serious and she started taking about how I loved my tea partys. I asked her if we drank tea and she said yes, BUT most of the time it was coffee and a lot of the time I would drink her coffee before she had time to, LOL!

We also had cookies with our tea/cofffee and Im sure we, well, I was dressed up with Grandmas high heels and jewelry too. Thats such a fun memory as well.

One final memory, of which she shared with me last week is the greatest, most hillarious thing ever.

She said it was a very HOT day that day and I was out in my little blue kiddie pool. Now, when I was there Grandpa ALWAYS brought me and Grandma a candy bar that he would stop and buy on his way home from work. This, I remember.....what I didnt remember was this time. Like I said I was in the pool. When I seen him coming with ice cream cones.....I jumped up out of the pool , threw my hands in the air and said "PRAISE THE LORD"
Thanks for stopping by today, Im posting these memorys becaiuse they are who I am and I never want to forget them.So

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