Monday, March 15, 2010

Farmhouse...Random Pics and Thoughts

What a busy week it turned out to be last week. There was nothing particulary going on, it just seemed to go really fast. AND the fact that the weather was beautiful, the sun was shining, the breeze was warm and I was OUTSIDE, LOL! Guess thats why it seemed like I wasnt here much. I can only imagine laying in that hammock this summer on a lazy afternoon!
Ok, as you may know (if youve been reading my blog), we are planning to build our dream cabin. We have decided that our plan is to build a garage/house first. Sounds like a far cry from a log cabin, huh? Well, in our quest to stay out of debt, we decided we can wait a year, 2 or 3 more. We are going to start this spring building what will first start out looking like a garage, but in the end, will look and be our home for the time being. Why are we going to live in the garage/house, well.....the house we are living in now would need serious renovations, that honestly, if we would start on them, we would have the same amount of money in as the garage. Then when we get enough money saved up in a few years, build our cabin....we will have our garage already up and ready. Plus, lots of the things we use in the garage will be able to continue to be used. We will leave the bathroom, that way when hubby is all greased up from working on the truck, he doesnt have to bring the filth back in the new house. Its a WIN, WIN!!!
Another random thought for the week is that since the weather was SO nice last week, I got side tracked on the spring cleaning. SO, Im gonna get started on the kitchen this afternoon. Dh said if I keep going he wont want to move out of here...UH, I dont think so!
I wish my morning was as serene as this pic looks. I woke up and hour late, victim to the time change. Couldnt find my boots or keys, once I Jeep wouldnt start. Hubby is suppose to check it tonight, thinking its a battery issue, dunno. So I figured I would blog, catch up on everyone elses blogs, then this afternoon work on the kitchen.
Oh, this pic reminds me......I took off the flannel sheets yesterday.....thats right, I have clean, white, fresh, crisp sheets on the bed right now. I cant tell you how good they felt (maybe another reason I over slept this morning)! I am so excited about this, LOL!

The weather is suppose to end up being really nice again thsi week. Though even though everything is damp, cold, wet and gloomy right now.....Im ready for it. Maybe I can get my housework done and by the time the sunshine rools around I can go out and play! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Amen staying our of debt is the best. I'm also hoping to remove the flannel sheets this week! YEA! The heavy winter quilt! YEA! Enjoy your week!

  2. Hey, love the music. I love freshly laundered sheets, just did some laundry today as I could hang the washing out in the sunshine x


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