Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Plans are in the making...

Shew, its been a busy 2 weeks or so around here. Between dr. appointment, dog shows, work, laundry, dishes, etc.....I havent had time to blog or even think about it really. Still not positive whether or not we are doing it here or at moms, but we are doin it, LOL! It will be small, just me , hubby and mom.
Actually, I just realized it was a week away this morning when I heard someone say it on tv. I was going to op to do cupcakes like in the first pic, but I realized I have 2 new cake pans that are just itchin to be used before summer roles around. Not sure what kind of cake Im gonna go with yet, but I love the one above.
Also thinking about making some Easter cookies to bunch up in little Easter baggies that I can send with mom for my Grandma and uncle. Which reminds me, I need cookie cutters!
Hubby loves him some deviled eggs, not sure if I will do these or mom, but either way....he will have them. I have an Easter egg dish that mom got for me a few years ago. The colors are very similar to the last table setting pic. Cant wait to use it!
I cant decide if I want to use me new Martha Stewart dishes I got last year or pick something like this (above). My MS dinnerware has never been used, BUT it sure would be nice to cut down on the clean up and they would match the bright colors in that egg dish. So, ok, I just made up my mind. Also, Im gonna see how cheap I can do this and how cute I can make it at the same time.

So far the menu is:
Baked mashed potatos
A veggie, not sure what yet though
Deviled eggs
Homemade rolls
and Cookies for favors.

Im sure this will expand and shrink again by the time Easter rolls around, but its a start.

What are you planning/doing for Easter???

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