Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Daaayyyyysssssss........

Theres snow, snow ...everywhere!!!

Hubby has cabin fever, I think Im getting used to it, which led to re-arranging the house. We swapped rooms.....the living room is now the bedroom and the bed room is now the living room. Its a 200 yr old farmhouse, with itty-bitty rooms, which means we have no room and the only way to make more for when someone comes over is to move them around. So thats pretty much what we did all weekend.

Hubby took me to the barn this morning to clean and by the time we got home a few hours later we had 3 inches of snow on the road. It has stopped for a while now, but is suppose to start again this evening, getting up to 8 inches. I think Im going to have to cancel ANOTHER dr. appointment AGAIN. It just so happens that every time I set up my appointment, we get a snow storm. Maybe I should just wait till spring at this point, I dunno!

So we into town Saturday morning and I got some things for a new project. I started tearing pages out of my magazines last fall......wait, let me back up. I am obsessed with magazines. Home decor are the worst with me and they drive hubby nuts, oh and recipe magazines, too. So I decided last year to rip out my favorite pages and put them in a big notebook. Since then I have decided to make it more of a series of scrapbooks. With seperate seasonal books.......spring/summer, fall/winter, gardening, etc. Now I just need to get started on it. This way when I want some fall decor inspiration, I can go to that book. Ill try to get pics once I get started on it so you can see. Seems like Ill have plenty of time with these snow days!

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  1. Can't wait to see your new scrapbooks, sounds like a good idea to me! I'm the same way when it comes to magazines and scrapbooks! Look out! lol


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