Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tagged by Anna, Honest Scrap

I was tagged my Miss Anna from The Style Diet, well, kind of, list 10 things that you dont know about me.

1) I have a 1/2 sister that I have only known for 5 years or so, Im 30 yrs old.
2) I grew up on horse farm, showing horses every weekend.
3) I drive a Jeep Cherrokee.
4) Im actually rather quiet, you wouldnt know that by the way I ramble on my blog.
5) I love Fall (fave) and Spring (2nd fave)
6) Our mailbox has a cover with an "ugly" turkey on it, gross.
7) When I was young I had long blonde hair, now its short and hi-lighted.
8) I have an LG View phone.
9) I love to get dressed up, but spend most of my time in the barn looking like a hot mess, litteraly.
10) I love hooker boots (as my husband affectionatly calls them, lol) but I cant wear them, I have really big calves.

*** So if you are reading this, you have been tagged. Just let me know if you are doing it as well***


  1. Erica,

    I love Fall and Spring as well {in that order}. Nothing better than a cool breeze blowing through the house. And, I'm sure you appreciate a nice breeze when you're out in the barn feeling like a 'hot mess'. {that cracked me up!}

  2. Interesting! I drove a Jeep Cherokee in high school, and I LOVED it! I want another one, but they are so darn expensive! You made me laugh about the hooker boots! I have big ankles. They aren't fat, just unusually large. I could never wear the cool ankle braclets when all of my friends were wearing them. :(

  3. Great post! I love fall too but you probably already know that, our birthdays are in the fall! :) Your blog background is so cute! xoxo Anna

  4. Stacie, yeah, the cool breezes a great treat on a hot day.
    Chelsea, glad you share in my love for them too.
    Sara, my Jeep is a hand me down from mom and yes, they are so expensive, tehy last forever though. We had to do some work on mine the other day and my husband said he was never buying one because they are so hard to work on. So this is probaly my last, LOL.
    Anna, thanks, glad you like it.

    Thank you all for commenting! Erica


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