Friday, July 17, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things from Bath and Body Works

I recently purchased the Kitchen Lemon scented moisturizing handsoap from Bath and Body Works. The line of hand soap is a regular here at the house. Let me think, right now I have Brown Sugar and Fig, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Wild Honeysuckle and the kitchen lemon. In the cooler months I switch to the moisturizing soap, but the summer I use the regular. This scent is wonderful, its lemony and has a hint of warmness to it. Cant explain it exactly, but its wonderful. Im a bit obsessed with Bath and Body Works products anyway. I will spend way more there on body wash and lotion than I ever would and Wal-Mart.I even have my husband hooked on an item or two. Well, I wouldnt say he is hooked, but he really likes it. Its a C.O. Bigelow product that is a hair and body wash in one. I think there are 3 or 4 scents , but the blue elixir is our favorite. Its a very masculine, clean and fresh scent. Its wonderful, I mean, we have to keep our men smelling good.

And finally, this is my all time favorite bath and body line. True Blue Naked. I think they are discontinuing it because it was on clearance when I was in there, which is disappointing. I have the body wash, lotion and body spray. It has a clean, refreshing beachy scent to it. My mom got the scrub and said it makes your skin feel wonderful.
So there you have it, you know what myself and family smell like, LOL! Are you a bath and body addict like me? Let me know!


  1. I love it too! I hate to see them discontinue it. I especially love the lotion Cotton Dress Naked.

  2. Kitchen lemon scented moisturizing handsoap from Bath and Body Works is really wonderful... I like this one!!


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