Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Few of My Favorite Songs....

I am always changing something, even when I dont have time, I am changing something. That being said, I felt the need to change my music on my blog today. I have a thousand other things I should be doing, but Im searching for music.

The music that I chose are songs I love. Some reflect me, where Ive been and some remind me of things or moments in my past. Some have no meaning to me at all, I just love them.

The Dixie Chicks, I love, always have and a few of the songs mean things to me. Cowboy Take Me Away is one of them. I can remember when the song first came out and my husband (then a new boyfriend) asked if I had heard it and said it was song that sounded like me. Wide Open Spaces means something as well as we recently purchased our first piece of land. Landslide, well, we all have those moments in our life when things go astray and not as we would have liked. Walk Softly, well, I just like the song and it reminds me of my husband.

Sugarland is my ultimate favorite country group. Now, the song Stay, Im proud to say has NO MEANING to me what so ever....I just love the song. I really like some of the songs for their moral character, if that makes sense. Some are just feel good songs.

So, I hope some of my new tunes dont scare or run you off. They are just songs I relate to and enjoy. Always remeber you can change songs or stop them all together if you dont want to listen to them or dont like them.

What are some of your favorites? Hope you enjoy!

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  1. We share the same taste in music. I still like the Dixie Chicks.. well their music anyway. I loved Sugarland too.


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