Friday, July 10, 2009

The Farm Chicks Book

I love this book! I recieved it a few weeks ago and am so happy I splurged and bought it for myself, which I rarely do. Anyway, its chock full of super cute and easy ideas for the home and recipes.

Ive already made some yo-yos. I made a few just to practice and they were surprisingly easy and now I plan to adorn a few aprons with them.
I also love the labels that they made for their pantry canisters. This is something Im thinking of helping grandma with if she she doesnt get pre-made labels before I get there. And the ric-rac on the cupboard shelves, who would have ever thought of that?!

The recipes look wonderful and I especially cant wait to try the cinnamon rolls and the blackberry crisp recipes. There are so many good ones, I cant remember them all without going back through it again.

Even though I know whats on each page, I cant help but to sit down and rummage through it again and again..

The personal storys of the farm chicks, I found inspirational as well. The up-bringing that they had was charming, times were hard, but you never once heard them complain, which is something Ive been doing a lot of latey.

Which brings me here. I was so focused on getting started on a new house this year, that I forgot about what I already have now in the present. No, its not our dream home , that will come with time and when the time is right. But we do have roof over our heads and it is paid for, which is huge blessing in itself. When we do build it will be with what money we have and when. We dont plan to get a loan for our home, we dont want it constantly hanging over our heads.

We simply want a "simple, back to basics" home life. We have also been talking of building a chicken coup and purchasing some hens for eggs and such. We want to stream line our life, make it as simple , wholesome and as happy as we can possibly make it.

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  1. So glad you are enjoying your new book. I have been thinking about getting too! I agree we need to be thankful for what we have and just keep things and life as simple as we can.
    Blessings! Sharon


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