Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Romantic Country Bedroom

I found this bedroom on the Country Living website, I was going to do a vision board of sorts with a friend, but decided to do it here. We are both in a place in our lives where change is imminent and we are trying to look forward while we are going through the storm, so to say. So thats what brought up the vision board. I will, hopefully, be in a new or possiblly remodeled home by the end of the year. The house, if new, will not be finished by any means, but will probably just be livable till we get the money to finish it. So, Im looking for inspiration in different places now and just trying to keep my chin up and praying it will all work out in the end.
I have a mixed taste of sotrts for my style when it comes to home decor. I have a love for PRIMITIVES, SHABBY CHIC, COUNTRY COTTAGE and FARMHOUSE STYLE. My theory or plan is to have a primitive base in my home. Lots of wood, probably distressed to some extent with a warm, comfy feel that flows through out the home. I figure in the cooler months I will bring out more of my primitive style items, warmer colors (such as deep reds, navys, burgandys and browns/blacks). Then in the warmer months I would opt for a lighter, softer feel with fresh flowers, lots of white and still have that warm country feel. The pic of this bedroom is ideal to me. The wood planked floor, natural wooden dresser and bed. Then the soft feel of the floral wall-paper and the white and cream colors mixed add a coolness, a feminine feel to the room, yet it is masculine enough for the hubby. Also, the warm red bed clothes add a warmth to the room along with the wooden items. All of these things encompass the style Im craving.
This is just an ideal bedroom for me. Its like a nice, comfy, inviting space to come home and relax, read book or my favorite magazine, Country Living.
Will my bedroom look like this? I doubt it, but it will have the same feel and be based on this room for sure. I hope to share my room with you one day, when its finished and from the beginning to the end!

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  1. My house is done in primitives, shabby chic, country cottage and farmhouse with vintage, vintage, vintage everything :) I don't have a single modern room in my house.


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