Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspiration for Living Room/Kitchen/Dining

This is another pic for my vision board. My living room last year was very similar to this picture, now that room is my bedroom, but that is a whole other, long story. So anyway, I really like this room and feel that it could be shabby chic and country cottage with a few additions. I will probably use this theme for my living room and kitchen. We plan to have an open floor plan, so this would be easy for me to do. I will, more than likely, opt for cream colored walls instead of white and the wood will be a natural in color. I also like to incorporate items that arent strictly Americana themed, I like a variety and well, I like what I like. I will eventually look for great finds at flea markets that I can bring home, clean up and make my own. Oh, and pip berrys...I love them. Of coarse, fresh flowers in the spring/summer and some softer colors will soften for the spring/summer months as well. I can just imagine this room in the cool months with the warm soft glow of candles and cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. Mmmmm, smells like home! Cant wait.
This pic came from a home tour on the Country Sampler site. I first seen it in the magazine, another one of my favorites.

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