Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Product Review...

Candleberry Candle Co is my favorite I think. The smell lasts quite well and isnt over powering in any way. I generally use candle/tart warmers, I feel they are much safer than lighting a candle. My 3 favorite scents from Candelberry are Hot Maple Toddy, Molasses and Pink Sugar. Do I know what pink sugar smells like? Does it truely have a scent? I dont know, but its true to its smells like pink sugar. I highly recomend this brand. The cake tart shown at the top has 6 slices that you break off and it truely looks like a cake, plus at 6.99, its well worth the price. Heres the link, you can find a retailer in your area. Hope you like it!

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