Sunday, May 24, 2009

Its official, Another year!

Well, building a new home is off till next year. We are running out of time and its just not going to be possible this year, period. So Im making plans for this small house. Its not that I dont love it, it just needs lots of work and we dont want to invest all the money to restore it, so we want to make it livable for the next year or so. Im planning on taking out our kitchen table (not sure what we are going to do with it, though) and replacing it with an island, which will give us more room and more cupboard style space to store/hide things in.

I also think my style is migrating to a farmhouse type of style. I absolutely love this cover of the new Sampler this month. I find it very inspiring. Its a bit bright for my taste, but Im so in love with it. I could tone it down a bit and have the same effect. However it happens, Im going to make this house a comfy home that feels warm and inviting in every room.

I also am finding Aunt Ruthies "Sugar Pie Farmhouse" site so inspiring right now. There are so many wonderful women there with great ideas.


  1. Saw the link to your blog on the Sugar Pie Forum; thought I'd say hello.

    I know what you mean about style migrating: I'll be married next month so I haven't done too much decorating, but most of the things we've purchased are very modern/contemporary. But the longer I look at magazines, the more I long for a little slice of the country! Five years of apartment dwelling ahead, *then* I can get mine!

  2. Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment! Yeah, sometimes it seems like you get so close to where you want to be, but so far away at the same time!

  3. I love the cover of the magazine too. A couple weeks ago at Goodwill I saw a set of dishes that looked just like the ones on the cover, but have sooo...many dishes I don't know where I'd put them. LOL

  4. I am luving your Blog and am right there with you on the Farmhouse look! I just did a post on how I am after 10 yrs changing from total shabby chic to a cottage farmhouse look! I cant wait to see what you come up with to!



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