Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mud/Laundry Room Colors

Ok, its officially official.....After years of debating, our decision was kind of made for us, whether to build new now OR remodel the olde FARMHOUSE and live in it for several more years. Ill blog later on about what made our desicion for us in another blog, but for right now...Its all about INSPIRATION for fixing up this old FARMHOUSE. I received in the mail yesterday a catalog from CountryCurtains . I rarely by anything from there because most items are pricey, but I did find INSPIRATION for our new FARMHOUSE MUD/LAUNDRY ROOM. At least some pretty colors and thoughts. I definately want bright GINGHAM. Our MUD/LAUNDRY ROOM now is dark, dingey and just down right depressing so its o surprise Im going totally opposite here.

I really like the YELLOW GINGHAM in the first pic, but I do like to change things up, so maybe YELLOW in the spring/summer and the RED in the fall/winter. Then theres the ROYAL BLUE.
I love this BLUE, its very FORTH of JULYish. Guess it will come down to what I can find and the cost.

Hubby really wants a BENCH when you walk in the door to sit down and take his boots on and off. Im thinking something simple along these lines, except painted WHITE of coarse. I found this bench at Through The Country Door 
Well, thats it for now, its a start anyway, cant wait till tearing down and rebuilding process is started and the FUN DECORATING PART begins!

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