Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LittleGirlsRoom, Bathroom, Outhouse, whatever ya wanna call it,

My focal point for today is the bathroom. Our cabin will still have a farmhouse style woven in, it has to. All of the bathroom pics I posted have something in them I like, though I may not like the whole room, there are little things I will take away from them when keeping our "potty" in mind. Of coarse, as usual.....all pics have been taken from . The 1st pic I love the colors. I dont, however, love the floor, seems harsh and more modern to me. I do love the tub, the floral print on the white towels and the seemingly draped curtain on the window.
I like the colors in this bathroom.Ive been planning a sink like this for years. I may go for a white dresser though, rather than the bright blue, dont think hubby could swing that one. I would also go for a white mirror, not feeling the bronzy look on this one. We have exposed pipes now, like in the second pic above, but Im so over it.How pretty would this pitcher be on that white sink I described, with pastel pink peonys in it, oh spring, where are you?

So what do you think? What does you"littlegirls room" look like?

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@*Also, Ive decided to use the third blog for recipes I find on the web, I may work on that later today if I have time, I have got to get this place cleaned up*@


  1. I did our one and only bathroom in outhouse theme, it was so much fun hunting up old things for it. I do have photos posted on my blog if you want to take a peek, just do a search on bathroom, I think?

  2. I've always wanted a claw-foot tub...and I love pedastal sinks...but the dresser idea is fantastic too! :)

    My bathroom now doesn't even have a sink in it!!! We just have the kitchen sink...

  3. Sue, Ill definately check your bathroom out. And will probably only ever have 1 bathroom too!

    Kendra, my plan is to find an old dresser at the flea market and re-do and adapt it to fit the sink. Right now we have a sink, but its teeny, counter top.....which makes things difficult.

  4. I love the blue dresser!! All the pics are great!


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