Saturday, December 12, 2009

*****Thoughts about Snow*****

I was thinking about snow today....why I get so excited about it, especially since snow means ~~~cold~~~, why its so calming and why is it so pretty??? After all, snow is rain and rain is snow and we are suppose to have a mix of both tonight.

Rain, to me, is soothing, especially when its on a tin roof, but its just not snow. Theres nothing better than to wake up in the morning, pull the curtain back and see snow blowing around and sticking to the ground. It instantly soothes the soul, even though 5 min. before it was a normal-ho-hum morning the instant you see the snow the day is suddenly perfect.

Snow is peaceful, you can not here it falling or hitting the ground like you can the rain....there is something magical about snow falling.

Then there are all the things you can do in the snow...sleigh riding, building snowmen and other objects, make ice cream (seen Paula Deen do this once), snow ball fights, etc. We do not celebrate the rain this way....well, ok, the occasional rain dance or so, LOL! I love to go out for a walk when its snowing, to feel it on my rosey red cheeks, smell the cool crisp air that is creating the snow, the crunching of the snow under your have to admit....when you walk in the rain and step in a puddle it DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME AFFECT AS STEPPING IN SNOW!!!

Then when your inside in your warm toasty home, there is nothing better than to look out the window and look at the beautiful landscape of **~~~SNOW~~~**

I SIMPLY LOVE THE SNOW...............Its a special thing like Christmas music (thoughts on that coming soon in another blog), it comes but once a year, its peaceful, beautiful and magical......ITS SNOW!!!


  1. I love snow.. I just can't stand to drive in it.

  2. I love the snow too! :) But I also love the rain...mainly when it's accompanied with a thunderstorm!


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