Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas, A Visual Gift to my followers......

I just wanted to take a few minutes and wish a Merry Christmas to my faithful followers and post some pretty pictures for you.Hopefully you all are nestled in your warm homes that are decorated for the season and some nice warm hot chocolate or tea. Now, if you arent...you should be, this is your chance, grab something hot to drink and maybe a candy cane or cookie and sit back and enjoy some Christmas music and some Christmas prettys. All images came from Country Living so if this wasnt enough for you, you can head over there. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed the pics. Ill be spending time with my family for the next several days, so Im not sure when my next blog will be. I will be working on my new blog "the farmhouse happenings" when Im relaxing (Ive got it started) and then I will have a bloggy open house, so I will keep you posted on that. Thank you for each and every follower, whether you comment or not, it means a lot to me that you stop by. So, have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and a great new year, too! Erica


  1. Good ole Country Living, my favorite magazine! Merry Christmas!

  2. Sue, its mine too...I really want to go to the country living fair next year. Thanks!

  3. Merry Christmas Erica.. Country Living knows how to do it don't they!

  4. I love the photos you posted of a country Christmas. Beautiful! I can't wait to see your open house on your new blog.

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas from Texas.


  5. Amy, yes they do and I dont know why they wouldnt want to come here when we get our house built and decorate...I mean, I can take direction and I would even let the "fund" the project, LOL! Thanks, you too!

    Gigi, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I cant wait for my new blog either...its so much fun. Anyway, thanks and I hope you guys have a good week with family !


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