Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yes, Im thinking of Christmas~~~

Though I am thouroghly NOT done with fall and Thanksgiving yet, I have been dreaming about Christmas time already. Im hoping our home will be done by then and I can be decorating. I want to do lots of pine boughs and some dried fruits.
I love all things that glow, sparkle and shine.....ordinarily you dont get that with primitives, but at Christmas time... we have full right to make things sparkle that dont usually....another great thing about this time of year

As I mentioned, Im not in any way trying to hurry along fall, but Christmas is on my mind from time to time and I just wanted to share that with you. Are you excited for this as well?

Isnt this beautiful?


  1. Hey Erica! Love the inspiration pics. I like decorating for Christmas, too. I saw your other posts about crafting and where to get good ideas. One place is

    Hope things are going well! I hope to catch up on things, too when I get my new puter!


  2. I think of Christmas all year long! And then, by the time it gets here, I'm too stressed out to enjoy it :( I will try to make a point of enjoying it this year, in all its sparkly glory! Kim

  3. Yay Christmas!!! I like simple decor...white lights...natural looking garland...berries...etc..

  4. I too am already dreaming of Christmas. I just love this WHOLE time of year. SO many fun things to look forward to. I absolutley love that first and second picture. Simple and beautiful!

  5. Thanks for yuor comments ladies!

    Nancy, thanks for the site!

    Glad Im not the only one dreaming of Sugar Plums Dancing in my head, LOL!

  6. Hi Erica, well I love Christmas and I am already into it, love drinking hot cocoa with my kids and watching christmas movies with them, I'm also listening to christmas music as well from wow christmas to my kids christmas songs.

  7. Wow, beautiful pictures. I love the pine bows. I'm so excited about this holiday season. I wish it was here but I'm sure it'll be here soon enough.

  8. Hi! I'm Joni and am just discovering your wonderful blog....I thought I'd tell you that I'm also looking forward to Christmas this year...and I love your photos today. It will be here in NO time, but I always try to get Thanksgiving done with NO Christmas stuff out and am usually successful! But after that, watch out!

  9. Missing you Erica! Hope everything is going well with you and your loved ones!

  10. oh Erica hope to hear from you soon, missing you sista!


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