Friday, September 18, 2009

Im still here, but less...

Ok ladies , Ill make this short and sweet.....I currently dont have any internet access at home right now, so thats why you have seen less of me. Basically, we werent happy with our service, rates were going up and not for very good service either so for now Ill just have to stop by the library from time to time and check in. Ill be reading your blogs while Im here, today I, just trying to get things caught up via e-mail and such.

Good news....we are starting on remodeling our house soon...Im so excited, when I recieved the Christmas issue of the Sampler two days ago...I even picked out what colors our walls are going to be... I cant wait to get to that point.

So anyway, know that I have not abandoned my blog or yours, things are just in lingo right now and eventually, I will be back in full swing.

Im so excited for fall....I hope you are having a blessed fall as well!


  1. Ohhhh..I had no idea that the Christmas issue was out for Country Sampler. I'm going to have to look out for it now :) I'm sorry to hear about your internet :( We have that same problem over here too...except our internet goes out for days and days on end. It can get frustrating.

  2. Sweet.. gonna look for Country Sampler!


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