Monday, July 27, 2009

Im still obsessing over Autumn, yes, more pics

Keeping in the spirit of the meaning behind the wreath, WELCOME to another blog about Autumn and its many beautys. I love wreaths, I have at least one or two up all year long, then watch out come fall and Christmas. Sometimes, when the season changes and we get snow flurries I cant help but to go out and gather some pine and start making a few wreaths.
I love white pumpkins and they are proof that Halloween doesnt have to be dark, scary or dreary. I dont decorate much for Halloween, more so for Autumn itself, but if you feel Halloween is too dark, you could definately use white pumpkins and paint black cats or a witches hat on them. I love the simplicity of these pumpkins/gourds.
And this is proof that your average pumpkin can be bright, cheery and fun. I dont really have porch that I can do this kind of thing with right now, but Im dreamingof and imagining one with a similar design.
I just really liked the colors in this pic, doesnt really inspire me to do anything in particular, but I love the colors.
Thought this was cute, too.
I love the colors and textures in the pic to the left and simpleness of the pic on the right.
And saving my favorite for last, I think I might add a few brighter pops of color and a strand of clear lights in the pipberrys. This pic is the inspiration for my entertainment center this year.

Well, hope you enjoyed the pics, most of them came from Country Living and the Country Sampler of which I have links to in my side bar.

Hope you enjoy the beauty that we are blessed with for the Autumn season!


  1. Who knew that there could ever be a Martha in me.... You are inspiring. Thank you:)

  2. Stopping by from SPFH! Great pics! I love the chandelier one :) I sooooo can't wait till fall gets here :)

  3. Bring on the fall!!! I love the photo of the pumpkins on the wagon.

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies.

    I was hoping you all would love the photos as much as I do. I will be posting more as fall gets closer and closer.

  5. Autumn is a great thing to obsess over. I obsess over it every day - even if just in my head! I can't wait!!


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