Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!! 8 Whole Years....

My husband and I have been together for 10 years, known each other for 16 years and married for 8 years. Oh my, the thought of knowing each other for 16 years, makes me feel old! You may be wondering why I have chosen to put the picture of the cast of Roseanne....well, let me tell you why. Growing up, I always watched the show, thought it was good. It passed the time anyway as much as any show can pass the time for a teenager. Anyway, I never gave it any thought, ya know, how they lived, how they struggled and how they loved each other. It was just away to pass time. Recently they have put this show on TV Land and it airs every evening. Quite honestly, for lack of anything decent on tv, my husband and I started watching it. I never knew he watched it too, so imagine my surprise when he said how much he used to like the show. Well, we watched a few episodes, not thinking much of it and just going through the motions. We seen a few episodes where we thought, gosh that sounds like us and laughed it off. We have been watching it for the last week or so almost every night. Then we realized, oh my, we have turned into Dan and Roseanne, ok, minus the kids. One episode they were arguing about something and Dan said that Roseanne always bought shirts for him that he never wore because he didnt like them, my husband looked at me and laughed.....ok, so I do - do that on occasion. Well, I mentioned last night about buying him some new shirts (he really needs them) and he just looked at me and started laughing and said no Roseanne, Dan doesnt need any new shirts, LOL!

Whats Im getting at is.... I get the show now and have a new found respect for it. They struggle, they fight, they a little rough around the edges at times, well all the time...but through it all...they are an all american family, trying to survive in this world. Things didint always go as they wanted or expected, but they muttled through it all.

This weekend is my husbands and my 8 th anniversary. And so far we have had more downs than up, but the ups have been so much more than the downs. Times get hard, we have set backs, disappointments and such, but through it all, we make it through happier and stronger than we started out.

Im a bit spoiled, I get to stay home most of the time, I dont have to have a job and yes, Im taken care of. I dont want for much and my husband strives to keep it that way. Its not the "things" its the thoughts that count and matter. I love this little, some times hard life we have made for ourselves thus far and though there are some days when I want to hide under the covers...I wouldnt trade it or the last 10 years for anything. I pray for another 10 years, I love our life!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Ohmigod that story was so sound like the most adorable couple!! I'm glad your hubby takes care of you, that's very important...also I'm so glad that you are happy! It doesn't matter about anything else, so long as you're both happy and love each other :) Hope you have an amazing day :) xoxo Anna

  2. Happy Anniversary & many more!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.

    I think as I've grown older and have been married longer, I too have a new appreciation for that show.

    There are a lot of crass comments along the way - but underneath it all, you can see they truly love each other.

    Wishing you many blessed years with your sweetie.

  4. Thanks for all the warm wishes ladies, I really appreciate it! Erica


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