Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aprons and Women...

Ive always thought aprons were cute, but it never occured to me that I should wear one or even own one for that matter. Many of you know me from Aunt Ruthies forum and as you know she recently did an apron review. That review has inspired me, well, that and everyone elses love for aprons (on that site) for that matter. Anyway, the apron theory has been growing on me. I mean, Im a complete mess when I do anything. Im like the kid that falls in the mud puddle on accident right before going to church...yep...thats me. I cant stay clean for the life of me. So why wouldnt I wear an apron while doing housework or cooking. I mean that alone is common sense, wouldnt you think? Then I here the ladies all chatting about how they feel with their aprons on and what that feeling helps them accomplish. So after I read Ruthies review I thought...Im going to make myself an apron and wear it. While searching the web for apron pics and such I found myself infatuated with them. They were not the images I had in my mind for aprons. These things were beautiful, girly, frilly, yet functional..imagine that. They reminded me of times gone by, that quite honestly I never got to experience yet, well, quite frankly because I wasnt born yet. A simple, innocent time where women were aloud to be women and enjoyed it. Not the high powered executive women of my time, which, is wonderful if you like that kind of thing. But I believe that God made women, well...women for a reason and men to be men. We as women are suppose to be girly, we are suppose to be beautiful, we are suppose to enjoy taking care of our family. We are suppose to be June Clever or Aunt Bea. And quite honestly, as you all know...June Clever and Aunt Bea...yep, they wore aprons and looked like a woman doing it!


  1. Great post! I could not agree with you more.

    I love my career outside of the home, but nothing is more fulfilling to me than being at home with my daughter and making my house the home it was intended to be.

  2. I've been fortunate for the past 14 years to be a SAHM & housewife. I cherish these days! I love aprons, I have several. I really like the full aprons because I too can be quite messy during food preparation. Have fun making yours!

  3. i have a cute cherry apron that i always forget to wear when i'm baking! i guess i'm never wearing anything that special when i decide to use the kitchen!

  4. Aprons are like a uniform saying we are on the job. they are so cute today there is no reason not to wear one when we are busy at home. I find I get more done. God bless! Sharon

  5. I love my aprons! Have been in a couple of apron swaps and found a couple in my dear aunts house that I swooped up because she didn't want them. Yuppers, something about an apron that brings the femininity out is us girls.
    Love your blog!

  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words and thanks for supporting my blog! Think Im going to pick up some material this weekend, cant wait! Hugs, Erica


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